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OpenClout, lead by Chris K. Hogan, is a private community and full spectrum personal branding agency. If you’re a digital entrepreneur, consultant, or influencer looking to establish yourself as a dominant personal brand in your space, then OpenClout has been created specifically for you.

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Become An Industry Leader ​

Become An Industry Leader ​

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From undiscovered talent to living legends, OpenClout helps entrepreneurs find their voice and share it with the world. As a blend between a traditional Madison Avenue firm and a digital influencer agency, we can put you in front of the right audience, in the right way, at the right time.

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What We Do
Personal Branding

In the world of advertising, we’re an anomaly. We do one thing, and we do it with a singular focus. We call it Red Carpet: our flagship personal branding program capable harnessing the collective attention of an entire industry and focussing it on a single point – you.

Our waiting list is longer than your Instagram feed, and we look for a very specific kind of client. Maybe you’re our next red carpet brand: it would be our honor to find out.

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Pull ahead of the competition with a better brand. Our team will build your brand equity, positioning you as an undisputed authority in your space.​

Elite Networking​

Build your own priceless rolodex. You'll join the elite group of internet personalities who are building new relationships over DM, launching joint ventures, and amassing digital wealth.​

Social Presence​

We believe that followers are more than a number. Tap into the power of influencers to build an organic audience of captivated fans who will engage, comment, and purchase.​


With direct access to the world's most popular podcast hosts and internet personalities, your story can be heard like it's never been before. The stage is yours.

Sales Compliance​

Your reputation proceeds you. Flip the script and have leads persuade you on why they deserve to work with you.​


We know that good branding is more than just hype, it's an extensive monetization strategy to leverage your audience.​

Here's How It Works
Inside the Red Carpet


All Eyes On You

We’ll amplify your message with the press. From small outlets to national publications, it’ll be your name in the headlines.


The Air Is Yours

We’ll land you TV segments in both local and national broadcasts.


Speak With Legends

You’ll tour our network of industry celebrity hosts and be featured in dozens of podcasts in the iTunes Top 250.


Saturate The Market

Tap into the raw power of a world-class influencer network to put the spotlight on your message. This is the future of marketing.

Social Growth

Your Overnight Audience

True influence comes from an engaged following: one that listens, comments, messages, and buys. Together we’ll cultivate your organic audience at rates you never thought possible, so you can reap the benefits of your own hyper-engaged fanbase.

Paid Media

Omnichannel Amplification

Make your public relations go further by amplifying it across every social network.

Brand Identity

Looks Matter

From your website to your Instagram, your audience, peers, and business partners are sizing you up by your online presence. We’ll outfit your entire digital portfolio in timeless style, making every first impression count.


Unleash Your Inner Genius

From first draft to best-seller: together we’ll uncover your unique ideas, write them into existence, and publish them to the world.


Leverage Your Status

The key to sustainable growth is monetization. We’ve got you covered with the strategies, tactics, and implementation for monetizing your personal brand. You’re in good hands.

White Glove Privacy

The key to sustainable growth is monetization. We’ve got you covered with the strategies, tactics, and implementation for monetizing your personal brand. You’re in good hands.

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